The universal dowels of Innovation R. offer various advantages. The "plugs M1 and M6" has been designed to simplify the creation of fixing points in building constructions and to maintain the technical and mechanical characteristics of the wall components unaltered. The plugs is universal and can be used on all indoor and outdoor, load-bearing and/or partition walls. BASIC FUNCTIONS FOR WHICH THE PRODUCT IT WAS BEEN REALIZED Reduction of labor costs Reduction of processing times Improvement of the construction process The M1 and M6 systems was not built to satisfy a limited need, but to solve needs of various kinds. ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES
• They reduce by 95% the cost of preparing the fixing points in the masonry (wall). • They reduce by 90% the time for the preparation or installation of frames, false frames, windows, doors, thermal insulating monoblocs • They simplify and reduce by 90% the cost of installing all fixtures
• M1 and M6 anchors are the only fastening systems in the world whose application does not require any mechanical intervention (holes etc.) • The application of M1 and M6 anchors avoids altering the mechanical, thermal, hygrometric and insulation properties of the masonry (wall). • Made of nylon, they do not create thermal bridges between the masonry and the fixed part; they can also be used not only as a fixing point, but also as a subframe substitute.


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